26 Lies

Putting truth to one side for a moment.

26 Lies is a project from the writers’ group, 26. It’s all about the ways in which people lie to each other and sometimes to themselves.

This is how the project worked. 26 writers were given a different lie-themed quotation. These were either lies in themselves – massive deceptions or little white lies – or grand reflections on the nature of lies and lying. Each writer teamed up with a partner – an illustrator or photographer, artist or sculptor, film-maker or songwriter – and together they responded to their quotation.  Imaginations were allowed to run riot. Honesty was not a requirement.

The results are published here – one a day from 7 March to April Fools’ Day.

The Greater Good

My quotation was from H.L Mencken who said,

Legend: A lie that has attained the dignity of age

I partnered with the amazing singer/songwriter, Sharon Morgan. We wanted to write a song that commented the modern propensity for politicians and those in power to tell major whoppers in the interest of the greater good. Most of the time, it suits us to believe the lie appears to have some authority. Neither Sharon nor I thought for one moment the lyrics would prove to be so prophetic.

Lyrics by Gillian Colhoun
Music by Sharon Morgan

Lyrics to "The Greater Good" by Gillian Colhoun