I am an Associate Partner of a company called Dark Angels. We host residential writing courses that develop confidence in ways that are fun, challenging and safe.

Jam packed with exercises to encourage more natural, human and engaging content, the courses introduce the power of stories to connect emotionally – helping participants explain their ideas with clarity and influence.

Could you be a Dark Angel?

Want to take your writing to a different level? Seeking ways to jolt a passive reader to attention, or just eager to become a better writer or storyteller? Dark Angel courses are for anyone whose job involves writing. Freelance copywriting, communications, brand management, corporate affairs, marketing and many areas of management and creative consultancy – these are all typical areas of work for Dark Angels students.

Previous alumni have come from: Arts Council of Wales, Bang & Olufsen, Barclays, The BBC, BP, British Airways, Carlsberg Breweries, Clore Leadership Programme, Corporate Culture, Elmwood, The Environment Council, Granada Media, Innocent, Interbrand, Lever Faberge, Mazars, National Library of Wales, O2, Penguin Books, QI, Royal Society of Arts, Scottish Arts Council, Sotheby's Europe, Swiss Reinsurance, Three.

Courses vary in length and intensity. They are available throughout Ireland, Scotland, UK, USA and Australia.  We also design bespoke Dark Angels courses for companies and organisations, so if you are looking for a different kind of strategy day, get in touch.

The Founding Principles

Developed by John Simmons, Stuart Delves and Jamie Jauncey, Dark Angels is based on their collective ideas about writing and language. Attend the courses, read the books. Or do both.

'Let us explore our potential through words, words that soar off the page, fly out of the screen, into the imaginations of others. Let us live up to our abilities as dark angels.'

Read The Books

The Course Programme

You can visit the site to check out upcoming courses.