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Cousin Brand Practice

It feels so good to be part of something bigger than little me.

As a freelance creative nothing beats working with really smart people. Yeah, the work will always be great but it's the learning from brains that work differently to mine that makes it such a sweet experience.

I've banged on about my appreciation of the A-Team model in business for years now. If you're not familiar with the 1980s TV series, where an elite team of misfits are led by a wily military Colonel to do all kinds of improbable feats of explosive genius, then this analogy is probably lost on you.

Actually, I've never harboured any desire to play the Colonel Hannibal Smith role of leader, being more of a chameleon, master of disguise, Face kinda girl. It's just I've always loved the idea of working regularly with brilliant people to achieve bigger and better results for brand owners.

The upshot is I've found my A-Team.

Cousin is a Brand Practice. A collective of experienced and talented creative professionals. Thinkers, designers, storytellers, strategists, marketeers and content experts – all with a healthy desire to create growth and impact. We come together to help ambitious start-ups and SMEs level up their brand and their business by applying our big agency expertise with all the agility of a small, focused team.

Together as Cousin, we produce
• Brand Strategy
• Naming
• Tone of Voice & Copywriting
• Brand Identity Design
• Website Design & Development
• Digital & Print Communications Design
• Communications & Marketing Strategy
• Social Media Strategy & Design